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For Antiques Lovers – Beijing Panjiayuan

Are you interested in antiques? Then indulge yourself with a Beijing day tour to Panjiayuan.

At the mention of Panjiayuan market, people will take great delight talking about it as it has the largest collection of antiques in Beijing. Along with climbing the Great Wall and eating Peking roast duck, going to the Panjiayuan Market on a Beijing day tour is the top three musts in Beijing for all visitors home and abroad. Known as Pan Jia Yuan Flea Market among locals, the market is the largest one in the country taking the transactions mostly in antiques, handicrafts, arts ornaments, painting and calligraphy, traditional Chinese writing materials, porcelains, wood wares, secondhand furniture, minority products, and other collectibles. Opt for a Beijing day tour and you will get a glimpse of this famous market cordially hailed as a coverall museum. Originally run by small flow traders in Chaoyang Hutong in 1980s, the market is stable at its present location officially in 1995 and now houses over 4000 shop owners from nearly all provinces and municipalities of China with nearly 10000 shop assistants, which include people from minorities of Hui, Man, Miao, Dong, Uigur, Mongolian, Korean, etc. During a Beijing day tour to Panjiayuan, you will get a taste of Beijing flavors.

Used to be a weekend-only market, Panjiayuan market of Beijing is now open both on weekdays and weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are still the best days to visit Panjiayuan on your Beijing day tour. Being the most inexpensive antiques market in the city, it attracts tourists foreign and domestic for sightseeing, window-shopping or hunting the treasures. It always has something to offer to you on your Beijing day tour. This antiques market is not only a paradise for ordinary collectors and visitors, but also a position for antiques operators. During Beijing day tour to Panjiayuan on weekends, you will see many professional antiques traders gathering here very early for commodities. As for those collection beginners or experts, the market serves as a place for treasure hunting and abilities enhancement on distinguishing genuine articles from the fake ones. During your Beijing day tour to Panjiayuan, see if you got what it takes to tell the genuine from the fake. With so many similar and exquisite imitations, it is really a hard job to pick out the mixed genuine items. What’s more, on your Beijing day tour in Panjiayuan, delicacies, snacks and drinks are also available. Get more with pakej pelancongan ke Beijing terkini 2017. Before you go to Beijing, please do check Beijing travel guide here.